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Walthers mainline gp 9 upgrade

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I have a Walthers gp 9 mainline and not impressed with the Life like movement. WellI was looking at trying to upgrade it was looking for tips on how make it less life like
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The Walthers Trainline GP9M is not a Life-like derivative. The Trainline GP9M was the flagship of the Trainline series in the mid 90's. It's derived from a Cox model that Walthers bought the tooling for, but AFAIK, its has upgrades to the shell tooling and Walthers own drivetrain. I've got two Trainline GP9M's and two other Trailnline locos and they are all smooth runners. Not today's state of the art super-slow of course, but I wouldn't describe any as jerky.

Based on all that I'm going to take a different tack and suggest that there isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the design that would make them "life-like". These locos should not be running rough. Have you opened it up and cleaned and relubed it?

If you have cleaned and lubed it, there is probably something broken in the mechanism. Walthers still lists them in-stock, so I would think that they either can offer replacement parts or suggest an upgrade.
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Thanks for the information.
Right back atcha sir! I didn't know the Mainline and proto shared the same drive.

For those interested in the history of Trainline, there's some good stuff squirreled away at the old site of Tony Cook who now does "HO Collector".
Scroll to the bottom for a bit of history and the side tab has info about some of the other early Trainline locos.

It's a sprawling and slowly dying resource -not all pages are active or connected to each other- but those who like these sort of cheap trains will find alot of good info here.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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