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Hey Ya'll,

the german state RR DB AG is advanced to make their RR silent when having fast passing by trains onto their mainlines.

Look at the photo of the subburb station of Hamburg-Rahlstedt. In the left a noise protection wall alongside the RR tracks. Most inner town route getting such walls, their hight can be varifying.

Look onto the rails alongside the platform...the little mounted plates onto both sides of the tracks reducing the noise by more than 40 % for itself. It can be added onto allready layed tracks, but in combination with noise protection walls it gives much more silence by all moving trains of any speed.

The maximum speed limit by this RR station through running trains is 100 mph or 160 Km/h.

In the past it gave warnings by loudspeakers of not stopping or incoming trains. The warnings rules changed, the small yellow triangle sighns are enough to warn people onto the platforms.

In the past the passengers got informed by the interlocking tower crew, but since the automated giving voice system is being used the interlocking tower crews may never warning the people anymore again, because the state RR lost a court process that the train warnings would be too loud for people living in directly Neighbourhood to RR stations.

What is louder, a busy inner city road or a busy mainline of the RR?
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