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Weathering Code 83 Track

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I still need some touch up and to paint the spikes and plates, any suggestions? I was thinking rust and black for the plates. And about two weeks to individually hand paint them.

I used Liquitex Acrylic "Raw Umber" for the ties and for the rail, Floquil "Rail Brown" for this excellent hand paint job.

Hosted on Fotki

I bought the larger brush #0 at CVS and the micro-brush at LHS

Hosted on Fotki

For this section it took me 15 minutes to hand paint both the rails and the ties on a 3 foot section. Not bad
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OK ... I give ...

What, exactly, is the "micro-brush"? I see the photo above, but what is it? Does it have a micro-fiber tip? Is there a liquid (paint) reservoir in the handle?

You've perked my curiosity!

Thanks! Looks like you found the perfect tool!


Did you say what you're using for ballast? I really like the brownish tone of your ballast rock. Nice.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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