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I read and decided to experiment with a different maner of putting on weathering effects.
The method is apply dull/matte finish varnish to your model once it's dulled down and then apply the powders while the varnish is still damp. It was supposed to help the powders ahere better and help develope some added texture.

SO I had a Bachmann Heavy Flatcar that I was working on upgrading and lent itself to a worthy volunteer for that project. I just purchased some wood stain and varnish from the HD the new wooden platform was in place and distressed so time was right.
I broke out the Pastel Chalks shaved off enough on the work table; used a stiff bristle paint brush to apply both; first the varnish then the dark brown, med brown powders I had shaved earlier.
I forgot to mention that I had done the trucks/wheels in this manner also.
Once it dried it did take the chalk better but I think I'll have to cake and blot to achieve the texture desired. But could definitely making the process easier.
Also I added some Intermountain Wheels to the trucks.
It was straight Bachmann not even a Spectrum from my first HO set some twenty six years ago.
I'll have to break out with both some new batteries recharged and the Tripod. But for now you can get the idea.


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Looks nice Sub.
I like the planks of wood for the bed. Oak?

Your first picture in the first post made me dizzy from looking at it.:laugh:

Second batch is much better.:D
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