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I picked up nine Roundhouse plastic car shells in an auction and have been completing them as the urge strikes me. The odd man out was a New Haven combination car shell, I don't have any other old New Haven passenger equipment and don't want to start collecting another train, so instead I converted it to a bunkhouse.
It turned out to take longer than I thought, mainly because Christmas and Disney intervened, but also because I kept coming up with things to add to it. After doing a credible job (for me anyway) on the car itself I made a base for it. Aside from the fact that it is warped (the other board I fished out of the scrap bin was worse) it proves I suck at terrain.
Still, it's done now. I can move on to something else.

Train Water Rolling stock Track freight car

Circuit component Plant Grass Terrestrial plant Building

Train Plant Rolling stock Toy Track
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