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See, I knew you would understand:)

Besides, it's a bit, "Busted Up" and will require extensive reconstruction!
It' looks "ready to run from here".

Mail should be here soon!

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---it's just an O gauge.:laugh:
BLASPHEMY! Bite your tongue, sir!

Jim, as you know, that's a prewar 1688 ... quite similar to the 1668 that T-Man and I have been playing around with. Based upon the real-life Loewy-designed streamliner.

The 1688 is the loco that I "discovered" was made in two version: one with a conventional motor, and one with a plastic-casing motor ... each with e-unit toggles (and holes through the shell) in different locations. Some recent thread discussions that might be helpful to you here:

Tell this "mystery man" that he'd better grab that 1688 and get it running 'round the track!


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Didn't someone recently post that he was disposing of his father's O gauge and wanted to know if the track, at least was worth something? I seem to recall Stationmaster saying something to the effect the track was pretty worthless because there wasn't anything good that could run on it---something of that nature. But I digress. I was thinking...perhaps I could acquire the valueless track and rig up a small O gauge setup? Nothing much....a Tyco transformer, three or four lengths of straight track that ran to the edge of the table, and a large trash bin.....

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Background music for my new, 30" O gauge layout!

"Wreck Of The Old '97"

Well they gave him his orders at Monroe, Virginia,
Said: "Steve, you're way behind time,
"This is not 38, this is Ol' 97,
"Put her into Spencer on time."

Then he turned around and said to his black, greasy fireman,
"Shovel on a little more coal.
"And when we cross that White Oak mountain,
"Watch Ol' '97 roll."

And then a telegram come from Washington station,
This is how it read:
"Oh that brave engineer that run ol 97,
"Is lyin in old Danville dead."

'Cos he was going down a grade making 90 miles an hour,
The whistle broke into a scream.
He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle,
Scalded to death by the steam.

Oh, now all you ladies you'd better take a warning,
From this time on and learn.
Never speak hard words to your true-lovin' husband.
He may leave you and never return.

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T-Man, you have a way with words----I like it! TJ, that's an old song about an actual incident. The engineer had a curved trestle at the bottom of the mountain and realized he didn't have the steam necessary to slow the train. He hit the trestle and vaulted off of it into the valley, below.

When I was a teen, my older brother brought home one of those "Yellow Sun records from Nashville", to quote John Sebastian. It was a new singer named Johnny Cash. I learned the song from that record, along with "Hey, Porter" and "I Walk the Line".

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One more early Johnny Cash for you, TJ:

The Big Battle

I think sir the battle is over and the young soldier laid down his gun
I'm tired of running for cover I'm certain the bottle is done
For see over there where we fought them it's quiet for they've all gone away
All left is the dead and the dying the Blue laying long side the Gray
So you think the battle is over and you even lay down your gun
You carelessly rise from your cover for you think the battle is done
Now boy hit the dirt listen to me for I'm still the one in command
Get flat on the ground here beside me and lay your ear hard to the sand
Can you hear the deafening rumble can you feel the trembling ground
It's not just the horses and wagons that make such a deafening sound
For every shot fired had an echo and every man killed wanted life
There lies your friend Jim McKenney can you take the news to his wife
No son the battle's not over the battle has only begun
The rest of the battle will cover the part that has blackened the sun
The fight yet to come's not with cannon nor will the fight be hand to hand
No one will regroup the forces no charge will a general command
The battle will rage in the bosom of mother and sweetheart and wife
Brother and sister and daughter will grieve for the rest of their lives
Now go ahead rise from your cover be thankful that God let you live
Go fight the rest of the battle for those who gave all they could give
I see sir the battle's not over the battle has only begun
The rest of the battle will cover this part that has blackened the sun
For though there's no sound of the cannon and though there's no smoke in the sky
I'm dropping the gun and the sabre and ready for battle am I

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It's here!

Not a happy camper:mad:

I'm thinking that anyone that posts less than 4 different views of what they're selling will not get my business!!!!! I accept the blame for not asking, but some of these people are just plain, "Shady!"(only mentioned a broken marker light, but not a missing PIECE!)

Here's the scoop;
1) piece broken of cab(I should be able to fix it)
2) Needs a new plastic center contact plate and shoes
3) Forward marker light broken
4) Reversing unit a mess(contacts okay, but plunger fouled and drum shot)

I can fix most, if not all, and I guess I shouldn't complain, but................(I will anyway!):laugh::laugh::laugh:

I think I'll start picking up parts(have the drum & fingers & plunger) and save it for a Fall/Winter project:rolleyes:

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Ya' got me on that first song ... Johnny Cash. Correction ... a YOUNG Johnny Cash. Excellent. As is the Civil War ballad above ... very, very powerful words. It takes a talented / insightful mind to pen emotion like that.


Bummer about the "unforseen hiccups" with the loco. The way I see it, though, the world of model RR'ing has just taken a small step for the better. The more that these old write-off junkers find their way into guys with capable hands like yours, the more that this old / historic stuff will be saved for future generations to enjoy. You may joke and gripe a bit about the work ahead, but years from now your grandkids and their kids will all be smiling, and very thankful that Grandpa treated those old toys with such loving care.

I kinda think thoughts like that as I'm tinkering. We're not saving the world, or anything ... but a few smiles on bright faces years from now certainly can't hurt. :)

Re: the details of the 1688 ...

Your pics offer my first look inside one of these plastic motors. Thanks much for the "under the hood" details ... quite helpful to me. So the casing / cheeks of the motor housing simply unbolt, huh? I wasn't sure how much of it was sealed shut. And I see that there's a somewhat-conventional pickup-plate inside the bottom of the motor. I wonder why Lionel shifted to the plastic-housing design back then?

Other than the rear corner of the cab, the loco shell doesn't look too bad at all. Should strip / repaint quite nice.

For your "parts needed list", I'm pretty sure there's a clear lens that should go in the front of the torpedo boiler nose. (The 1668's have one.)

Do keep us posted as you push ahead with this latest project. Smiling kids are waiting!


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Jim----I'd contact the seller and express your displeasure. See if he does anything to make it right. If not, ebay has a feedback thing: use it and burn him! I look at those before I bid, and it makes a difference.
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