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What model Lionel is it

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Found this locomotive in a crate of HO equipment would like to know what model and approximate worth.TIA


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Was hoping it was from the 700 series which the 150 series derived from but it would say Lionel manufacturing on the pickup plate another way to tell if thats missing is the hole configuration on the top where the headlights go.
But yes its a 150 or 152 the 153 had a hand reverse rod that came out on end of the body.
The 154 was had a bigger body and the 156 even larger and the largest of the 150 series..
The 158 did not have headlights it had a round type reminds me of old cars round headlight that was empty and had one on each end.
Personally they are nice little old engines and simple to maintain.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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