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My internet wall socket failed. Just so happens an office next to one of my company's was being renovated, lots of old cabling and internet jacks laying around. I picked up some to restore my outlet and also came away with a cabling panel.

How could I use this panel?

I have several electrically operated accessories for my layout (lights, station stop, whistle station, bell, crossing gates, crane, turnouts, etc.). Some are activated momentarily, while others are activated automatically. But I'll want to turn off some of the automatic functions at times. So I'll need a switch panel.

I did a mock-up of a solution using the 1 RU (rack unit) I acquired and a 2 RU unit to illustrate expansion capabilities. Larger panels are available..

The switches "snap-in" to the panel. As shown in the pic, there are many switch types available. 110 AC lighted switches (e.g., main power, individual transformer control, etc.). Locking toggle in SPST and SPDT. And momentary SPDT, center off. After some measurement and specifications review, I've ordered a few switches to test fit. Of course, the panel can be fitted with the compliment of switch types that meet individual needs.

Notes: The panel and switches are not specified to fit together. But careful review of dimensions determined it is feasible. The panel accepts "keystone" jacks. There are several variations and one variation will not work as illustrated. The switches are KCD1 series (and there are mfg variations that are not optimal).

More to come when I receive my test switches in a few weeks.

Technology Electronic device Audio equipment

Simple Keystone panels can be had on Amazon for ~$15 (plus shipping).

Circuit component Technology Passive circuit component Electronic component Electronic device

Wiring can be attached with spade lugs (crimp or solder) or soldered directly to the switch tabs. Most of these switches are made for 110 AV in 6+ amps or for auto / boat functions. As such, they have electrical capacities in excess of most all model train needs.
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