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Williams PS1 ABA & 7 Passenger Aluminum SP Shasta Daylight

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These are the Williams Crown Edition extruded aluminum passenger cars ~16" long (O-31 min.). Both A's are dual powered (4 motors total). The ABA has been upgraded to PS1 (in the B unit with tethers front and back) but can run conventional. Comes with generic PS1 operating manual.

The William's powertrain is one of, is, the most reliable in all of model trains.

I only have stock photos. If anyone is truly interested, I'll unpack and take photo's. These are C8, maybe C7+.

If your looking for a long (e.g., ~13') colorful train to run around the tree, this is it.

All 7 passenger cars have original boxes, Styrofoam inserts and original plastic bagging in good condition. The ABA doesn't have original packing.

$550 plus shipping (Estimating $50+ for shipping).

I'll be at the East Coast Train Parts train show at St. Joseph's HS on Dec. 15th in Montvale, NJ (e.g., no shipping charges - cash & carry). The show's flyer (Link) advertises test tracks so you can verify the ABA operation prior to purchase.

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