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Winter scene layout

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Very clever but

The video production is first rate. Much better than most. :appl:

The layout looks quite good. Some of the ideas, and techniques, shown are very clever and original. :thumbsup:
However one of the materials used, steel wool, doesn't belong anywhere on a model railroad. :thumbsdown: It's steel duh! which is magnetic. Steel wool contains tiny bits of magnetic metal. Which can be attracted by the magnets in a locomotive's motor. Which can ruin the motor.:eek:
Polyfibre, cotton, Scotch Brite, or other non-magnetic materials could be used for bushes instead of steel wool.
The idea of a christmas tree lot is brilliant, but the material used is not very convincing as an HO christmas tree. There are plenty of commercial trees, and other materials that look a lot better.
I also wish that the builder, who did such a great job on snow, including those great looking snowbanks plowed onto the side of the road, and the snow on the structure roofs, had done something to improve the looks of the track. Shiny rails, shiny plastic ties, and no ballast do not help the looks of an otherwise well made scene.
It's good as is, and fun to watch, but it could have been even better.

Traction Fan :eek:hwell:
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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