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Hi All I have looked on this site for previous answers but have found none. I setup a wireless system with a RB02 and a wireless Procab. I am using my Powercab as the power supply. The instructions from NCE leave a lot to be desired and NCE is closed till 1/5/2020. So thought I should ask the experts.
I got the system operating after changing the cab address on the Procab to 3. I noticed that as I added the # designations for my locos (6 locos) that they would disappear as I went on adding more. I then saw an option that the locos had to be assigned to the Procab address #3. After that they stuck as I recalled each loco. The next problem is that I like to have the amperage draw shown instead of time. This shows on the Powercab which is permanently installed but I cannot get it to show on the Procab--it only shows time (namely 12:00). As I page thru the screen options the option to display amperage comes up requesting me to choose #1 but it doesn't stick it just goes back to time. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Update ---I disconnected the antenna and plugged the Procab into the panel using the coiled wire and the had the same result namely no amperage reading. Is this common with anyone using a Procab in any combination of power supplies?
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