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work in progress

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Well I moved my train table from the family room into the garage. ( more room to work on). Basically I spent about 6 hours laying the track, laying road bed, and nailing. Then again laying the track, road bed, then nailing again.( I did this numerous times because the tracks never fit right) I did this humming I been working on the railroad. I think I have the track laid out with road bed inplace. I'm in the process of drying out my sawdust that I dyed green for my groundcover.( go to either home depot or lowes and get nice sized dust. Will keep everyone updated
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The sawdust idea is a great one. I do work as a finishing carpenter and always have a suplyy of MDF dust which is extremely fine. I saved about 3 coffee cans full and spent about a week or so dying it all with water and food coloring. Once it's dried and sifted it works great for ground cover. Anther idea for you to consider, Tucker, is dye the sawdust different shades of green and brown. It has a really nice look.
I was thinking of using my lawn clippings. I mowed up some dead leaves, branches and some lawn clippings. In chops it up pretty good. The saw dust thing is great. I have about 30 lbs of the green stuff. Probally more than I need but it was fun doing anyway. I was thinking of using basic white glue on my plywood top. Can I dilute it with water and spary it on. If so what % of water to glue.
Don't quote me on this bit I think it's 50% water, 50% glue and use a couple of drops of dishwasher soap to make it flow better.
great idea on dying the sawdust. Thanks
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