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Going through the stuff that was given to me, I realize im not going to do scenery, buildings and the sort so no need for cars and trucks. Same goes for the lionel train station and 163 station accessories.

going on ebay soon..

I am looking for a fair trade with someone where were both happy.

As worth... I have only looked at prices on ebay and other a few things... price for trade reference
1940s Car hauler - $125
1940s car - $75
Lionel 163 - $300-$350

rest i didnt lookup...

I am looking to trade for..
* Lionel coal cars 3456 to work with my coal ramp is preferred but any black coal cars can work
* Lionel coaling station
* Lionel 97 coal elevator
* Lionel 282 remote portal gantry crane
* Lionel 6-24134 Bethlehem Steel Operating Crane with clamshell
*Lionel Culvert Loader and unloader

Scale model House Table Roof Building

Red Model car Vehicle Car Fender

Yellow Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Auto part

Table Wood Furniture Machine Workbench

Toy Motor vehicle Model car Vehicle Plastic

lemme know..


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