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I will have a limited number of my remote control boards for sale at York. The ongoing electronic component shortages have precluded me doing any volume runs for at least a few months, so I've hand assembled some units so that folks can get a "first look" and take some of these products for a spin.

This document is an introduction to the family of modules and some application suggestions.

JWA Remote Control Introduction.pdf

This document give specific interface connection details for each module.

JWA Universal Wireless Remote Composite Documentation.pdf

Pricing is as follows for each of the modules
4-Button Keyfob Transmitter$8.00
4-Channel Transmitter$45.00
4-Channel Relay Receiver$35.00
1 Channel Relay Receiver$35.00
4-Channel FET Receiver$35.00
1-Channel FET Receiver$30.00

Note that all of the boards come with all necessary cables for easy installation in the application of your choice.

Contact me via my profile email or reply here before York and we'll arrange meeting times, places, and contact numbers.

Family Portrait Of All The JWA Remote Control Modules



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Hey GRJ.....I dont understand what you are selling (not too astute to electronics). I tried opening your didnt open under FireFox.
So what do these gizmos do?
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