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ZW transformer

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I swear, I looked for answers before I posted! :)

Several years ago when my Grandma moved out of her old Indiana lake home and headed for Florida, I was given the remnants of my uncle's old Lionel set. Sadly, everything in the set is in pretty poor condition except, remarkably, the transformer. All the pieces are there, and when plugged in, at least the green bulb lights.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It doesn't really have any sentimental value to me, and as cool as I think it is, I really don't have room for an O scale setup. I was thinking about perhaps selling it to at least partially fund my first real set in either HO or N (haven't yet made a decision).

If you experts out there would be so kind, I'd like a little more information before doing anything that would result in myself or anyone else getting ripped off. Any little information you could provide would be appreciated, but I'm specifically intersted in the readings I should be getting at the contacts. I briefly threw a meter to it earlier, and the only reading that really made sense to me was on the AU circuit, which was between around 5 and 20vAC.

Assuming I do sell it, would it be worth my time monetarily to rebuild it? Would anyone happen to know a good guy to deal with in south Chicagoland?

Thanks much.

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Thanks. I'll see if I can dig out the rest of the set and take some pictures for you.

I'm afraid that it's not working as it should. I just checked it again, and my open circuit voltages are between 7 and 21v AC on the AU circuit, and the rest just sit at around 7v AC and do not vary much at all with throttle manipulation.
I really appreciate it. I actually had a long conversation with a gentleman named Rich from HobbyTown in Orland Park this morning, who ended up buying it from me for $75. I realize I probably could have gotten more for it, but I'm happy to see it go to a good place and I always prefer a face to face over an e-transaction.

Now to settle on what I want to start with on the new set! Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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